Burhan Dogançay: Urban Walls

Although many students may have passed the Trisolini Gallery after accidentally by-passing the highly trafficked fourth floor bathroom of Baker, and only know about the Kennedy Museum after a break-in at the Ridges, the Ohio University Art Gallery on the 5th floor of Seigfred Hall is a hard spot to happen upon unless an art student, or wandering out of Hudson with severe dementia.

This typically unknown space to the average co-ed hosts three to five exhibitions a year, often showcasing students and regional art as well as spotlighting nationally known talent.  The latest installment in the 2500 square foot space belongs to Burhan Doğançay who is of the later mentioned talent. Doğançay, a Turkish artist with a penchant for collage, is displayed in such meager galleries as the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Centre Pompidou, and numerous other Museums across the globe.

The exhibition currently on display showcases Doğançay’s “Urban Walls” which exhibits his life long fascination with city expression.  For Doğançay:

Walls serve as a testament to the passage of time, reflecting social, political and economic change. They also bear witness to the assault of the elements and to the markings left by people. (Personal Website)

His artistic depictions cover a variety of mediums including acrylic, crayon, collage, and one particular piece existing from sand and cardboard.  Creations look as if they were neatly extracted from a dim alley using specialized instruments to maintain their original decay.  In many of the pieces it’s hard to differentiate where Doğançay’s hand stops and the mixed media begins.

Let Doğançay’s decay become your fine art by visiting his “Urban Walls” now on the 5th floor of Seigfred Hall anytime time 10-4 (except Sundays).


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