Writer’s Harvest

The recent gray weather looming over Athens County has instigated excitement rather then seasonal depression as I approach those activities only associated with the crisp fall air.  The smell of bonfires is gracing my nostrils, hayrides and apple picking are already in full swing, and pumpkin bread seems to be the new menu item in every uptown eatery.  One annual fall event that I hope to add to my fall repertoire is this upcoming, “Writers Harvest,” a local fundraiser and reading organized by the Ohio University’s Program in Creative Writing.

The annual event benefits the Second Harvest Food Bank of Southeastern Ohio by charging a mere five dollars to listen to a selection of works by three talented writers and professors.  The admission helps to distribute surplus food to food pantries, soup kitchens and congregate meal sites in over 200 locations in the surrounding counties.  This year’s benefit line-up is Eric Lemay, Christina Veladota, and Darrell Spencer all of whom have ties to Ohio University as their Alma mater or place of work.

Come support the hungry in our own community this Wednesday at 7:30 in the Baker University Theatre and start your fall off with more than just a warm apple cider.


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