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TWELVE FILMS- First Year Screening Presented by the School of Film

Imagine watching films directed by your very own peers and filmed in locations you see every day. This Saturday October, 1 the Athena Cinema will be hosting a free screening of first-year School of Film students. Selected works will be presented by the 12 students from their first year in the School of Film’s MFA class. Selections are made from each student’s portfolio which includes two 13-minute narrative films and one 35-minute documentary. The students were given strict parameters and budgets for their projects and acted as editor, producer, screenwriter, and costume designer.

Twelve Films








The screening includes films by:

Neha Belvalkar, Jordan Sommerlad, Lindo Mnyandu, Zac Wells, Rowena Pedrena, Neferkaari Mitchell, Leah Li, Patsie Varkados, Matt Fillmore, Tim Jackson, Shay Willard and Gavin Farnsworth.

For more information, see the official Facebook invitation: