Upcoming Noon Talks Bring Life to Exhibits

Dr. Judith Grant presents “Second Wave Feminism” in conjunction with Women Artists II at the first Noon Talk of the semester.

After three years Kennedy Museum will continue its Noon Talks with three upcoming events centered on two exhibits, Women Artists II and Contemplative Cameras. The talks focus around a certain exhibit and feature a speaker related to the art work. The first half of the talk is upstairs in the museum while visitors mingle and grab a bite to eat while the second half is spent in front of the pieces with the speaker moderating a casual discussion. The group is usually around 25 participants and they range from students, community members and faculty from around the area.

“They provide a wonderful opportunity to know more about the artist’s process and the context in which they are working,” said art school graduate Haylee Ebersole on the Kennedy Museum Noon Talks. “I have learned more about the breadth of work the artists have made and have been able to engage in more conversation.”

One of the most unique factors of these talks is the merging of the university and community, faculty and students, all coming together for the sake of art. “It’s a nice cross-section of our both our university and our local community. A forum can bring that type of group together in a really informal way,” said Sally Delgado, Curator of Education at the Kennedy Museum of Art.

When started, the purpose of the talks was for friends of the Kennedy museum to come together to, “get a little lunch, get a little art, all in the span of fifty minutes,” explained Delgado.  The talks really took off when they featured the School of Art Faculty Show, which brought in a number of artists in a single show to come and elaborate on their work.

“The talks extend the content, it extends the interpretation, it gives more context to the objects that you see for the most part static objects. Overall it just brings more life to the exhibition,” said Delgado.

Upcoming talks:

Wednesday October 17th Terry Eiler, Director, School of Visuam Communication: “From Reality to Gestalt Abstraction” in conjunction with Contemplative Cameras

Wednesday October 31st Bill Schneider, Associate Professor, School of Visual Communication: “Influences on the Photographs of Schreiber, Meek, and Kawano” in conjunction with Contemplative Cameras

Wednesday November 14th Alana Bowman Kidder and Barbara Jewell, Student Curators “Feminist Egg Over Athens: the Local Connections” in conjunction with Women Artists II

*All noon talks will begin on the 2nd floor from 12:10-12:50PM

For more information please visit http://www.ohio.edu/museum/news.html

-Ashleigh Mavros, Events Publicity Assistant


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