Aesthetic Technologies Lab Provides for Creative Inquiry

The College of Fine Arts is home to faculty and students who are encouraged to collaborate creatively and innovatively on projects. The Aesthetic Technologies Lab is available to provide the tools and resources necessary to continue that creative inquiry through the combination technology development and fine arts practice.

The Aesthetic Technologies Lab, abbreviated as “@Lab,” established in late 2004, is equipped and staffed to enable students and faculty’s artistic process and outcome. According to the @Lab’s mission statement, “The mission of the Aesthetic Technologies Lab is to provide the tools and resources to promote creative inquiry at the intersection of technology development and fine arts practice.” The @Lab provides four different studios, the @Lab Studio, The Main Room, The Printing Room and the @Lab Alt. These studios contain equipment, such as video gear, computers with cutting-edge software, printing machines and performance space, that can be used for many interdisciplinary projects across the College of Fine Arts. Helping to utilize these resources, support within the lab or hands on teachings are available throughout the year.

Each term the @Lab offers workshops, lectures, and events lead by experts from inside and outside the College. This semester the lab is offering two workshops, a website creation tutorial for WordPress and Tumblr and a Final Cut Pro video editing tutorial. Past events include Adobe After Effects and DJ workshops. These types of workshops are offered to ensure that faculty and students are learning the most recent technologies in order to ensure innovation and make use of the @Lab.

The @Lab is located in Putnam Hall on the second floor and is open 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. It is also available for faculty and students within the College of Fine Arts or anyone taking a class within the College.

-Ryan Judy, Communications & Marketing Assistant


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