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Students Set to “Experience the Arts” at OU

On Monday October 8th, high school students from around the region will fast forward a year or two and experience the day in the life of a fine arts major.  This is the third year for Experience the Arts Day, put on by the College of Fine Arts to reach out to students interested in art, music, dance and theater.

The day consists of a welcome to all in attendance, followed by a short performance from each of the four schools. Students then have the opportunity to sit in on classes within all four of the schools during the day. Each school will have some sort of tour, information session, or question and answer for the students with specific information on auditions, portfolios, and applications. Tours of Lincoln Hall, which houses the fine arts Residential Learning Community, and an admissions tour of the campus wraps up the day. Throughout the day students will have the opportunity to interact and talk with Ohio University students, professors and faculty members to get a better sense of the school.

“It’s not something that is artificial; it’s the typical flow of the day,” said Norma Humphries, the Assistant Dean of the College of Fine Arts on experiencing the classes.

In the past parents had attended the classes, but this year they will have their own session. There will also be transportation provided to the Kennedy Museum of Art for parents to have a tour of the museum. By separating students from parents, the college hopes to give students a good sense of a typical routine day.

“The fact that they’re meeting real students who are in the major they’re looking at I think is also important so they get a feel for the school,” said Humphries.

Last year nearly 125 students participated in the day, and this year the college is able to accommodate up to 250 students and parents.

“We have more students come in that one day then what we see in an entire year in admission events,” said Humphries. “They like the people they interact with, they like the students and they feel comfortable here. So they can really see themselves being a student here.”

Sophomore music education major Jessica Lipscomb attended Experience the Arts Day and ended up deciding to attend Ohio University after the visit.

“Regular information sessions and tours offered through the University, though very helpful, do not dive in to the depths of the College of Fine Arts at all like Experience the Arts Day did,” said Jessica. “After experiencing how friendly the atmosphere was, my already high opinion of Ohio University was strengthened even further and I was then about 99% positive that I wanted to attend OU and the College of Fine Arts.”

For more information about the College of Fine Arts Experience the Arts Day log onto: http://www.finearts.ohio.edu/experience_arts.htm

-Ashleigh Mavros, Events Publicity Assistant