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Lincoln Hall Fosters Growth, Friendships for Fine Arts Residential Learning Community

For an entire semester the fine arts residential learning community students living in Lincoln Hall got a little taste of everything; from art to dance, interior architecture to music and theater. Students had an entire semester to explore the best of all the disciplines that the College of Fine Arts has to offer.

The Fine Arts Residential Learning Community is for freshmen fine arts majors who live in Lincoln Hall and take a fall semester class together. Students are placed in groups of around 20 and work throughout the semester with a peer mentor and faculty advisor.

Lincoln Hall is located on East Green conveniently adjacent to all of the undergraduate fine arts classroom buildings. The fine arts learning community is residential, which means that all students who are a part of the learning community live together in the same residential hall. However, there is a small mix of students in the building who are non-fine arts majors. In Lincoln Hall there is a dance rehearsal room, art studio, music practice room and study lounge for students to utilize.

“I really loved the seminar room, which was really helpful whether you needed to work on practicing an instrument, develop a song, or work on an art project or monologue,” said Jarahme Pollock, a freshman theater performance major. “The rooms were just all around very helpful to accomplish assignments within our major.”

As for the learning community class, you could be sure to expect a different agenda every week. Different class experiences from the past semester included dance yoga, making drums, watching puppets being made and trips to the Kennedy Museum of Art. Outside of class, students were required to attend exhibits and performances which furthered their exploration of all the areas within the College of Fine Arts.

This past semester, one of the learning community groups took a trip together with their peer mentor to visit the lights at the Columbus Zoo. However, a three-hour traffic jam left the group with no time to visit the zoo, so instead they detoured to Easton for some shopping and dinner together.

“We really got to bond with each other over burgers and being together with everyone in the car really brought us closer; it was such a fun experience,” said Erica Molfetto, a freshman theater performance major.

After the learning community class ends and the year carries on, the friendships and connections made throughout the semester develop throughout the following years.

“It’s really wonderful to be in the same building and interacting on a daily basis inside and out of the classroom with people who share common interests as you and who are essentially like you,” said  Pollock.

For information on the fine arts residential learning community please visit http://www.ohio.edu/finearts/academics/rlc.cfm

-Ashleigh Mavros, Events Publicity Assistant