Monthly Archives: February 2011

Symphonic Metamorphosis

This Thursday I took my first escape into the soul styling’s of the Ohio University Wind Ensemble.  Unfamiliar with most concert performance, I expected exactly what the name provided, assuming a cast of purely wind instruments.  To my surprise (or rather correction of assumption) a smattering of percussion was also in attendance and a banjo provided additional surprise.  I didn’t notice this out-of-place instrument immediately, due to as my eyes’ constant attempt to connect each instrument’s sounds to my visual plane.  However, upon noticing its presence, I was still unable to place its sound (which may have been because it was electric).

Before the beginning of each new piece, I was entranced by the customary warm-up.  The melding of instruments sent deep twinges of childhood nostalgia through my veins, although from a point I could not place (most likely too many viewings of Fantasia).  The entire concert was extremely engaging, but I constantly found my gaze shifting to the perimeters of the stage.  It was towards the far reaches that the percussion instruments danced between players as roles continuously shifted for each song.  The xylophone was one of my favorite percussion instruments of the night, and watching the rhythmic movements restored my faith that one of these days I want to learn how to play, or merely twinkle on its keys.

All intricacies of the concert were beautiful, although the most entertaining songs for me were ones featuring the entire ensemble.  I enjoyed being able to visualize all of the musicians at once, instead of just a few gathered at a time.  If you missed the Wind Ensemble on Thursday or perhaps want to experience your own unfamiliar senses of nostalgia, come by the School of Music’s Recital Hall tomorrow to see “Jazz Spoken Here” at 7:30.